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Brother From Another Planet

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This is a really entertaining movie. There's a bunch of memorable scenes - like when the alien uses alien technology to fix all these broken down late 70s and early 80s video game machines. Or the scene with the card shark on the subway, doing a crazy magic trick story. Plus so much more - like David Strathairn a few decades before the Edward R. Murrow role. Have fun - we'll make more. Watch more movies on the Movie Channel.

For the last week we have been batch converting thousands of video files to flash. This week we are expecting over 1 terabyte of hard drives from newegg, and firewire cards for a few machines. This should help a lot.

In case you missed it last week we offered a classic tv show that goes to the dogs in a good way - very funny! More to come. Hope you enjoy it - please offer any suggestions or thoughts on how we might improve this new feature.

Weekend movie - Abbott & Costello

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