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Bruce Lee rules. Out of the box martial arts at its finest.

Bruce Lee

No one like him when he came along. no one like him since, though many tried.. there's only one Bruce Lee.


jun fan, aka bruce lee,,

i grown up watching all his movies and i cannot watch any other martial arts movies as he was my idol & still is , i have all his books on his fighting methods & videos on 1&3" POWER PUNCH PLUS MUCH MUCH MORE,,, I NOW LIVE IN THAILAND & MISS MY BRUCE LEE MOVIE COLLECTION 'UNCUT' IF YOU CAN PLEASE EMAIL ME TO A LINK FOR FREE DOWNLOADS FOR THE 5 MOVIES I WILL BE ETERNALY GRATEFULL & I WILL KEEP IN TOUCH XXX ANDY @ ORIGINALSILVERTOUNGE@HOTMAIL.COM ,,,,, MANY THANKS XXX


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