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I was really upset to read that the main character of "Bloodline" was only known as " the 16 year old kid". David Macklin was the main star in that role and I was very upset not seeing his name on the credits at all. I am a very close friend of David Macklin's and would like to see credit where credit is due. Please make the following correction from " the 16 year old kid" to...David Macklin playing the role of the 16 year old kid. Thank you. Donna

Blood Line episode

the Bonanza Blood Line episode has been updated. Thanks for your input.


The Bloodline

A revenge-seeker blames Ben for the death of his father. David Macklin stars as Todd has absolute hate for Ben and seeks ways to kill Ben. Ben seeing Todd as a kid decides to take Todd under his wing to show him it was all in self- defense. Total stars rank 5
Written by: William Raynor, Myles Wilder
Directed by: Lewis Allen
Guest stars: : David Macklin (Todd Grayson), Jan Sterling (Dianne Jordan), Lee Van Cleef (Appling)

Here is the credit where credit is due.


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