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The LikeTelevision Cartoon message board allows users to share their thoughts about cartons, or post an interesting story about animation. Have fun!
Betty Boop - the creation of Max and Dave Fleischer is still a big deal, all over the world. Her vivacious and bubbly demeanor, combined with her exquisite sensual presence made her loved by millions. Go Girl - Betty Boop got her own message board!
492 years 35 weeks ago
by prasad
Some of the best cartoons that might be missed
782 years 26 weeks ago
by dina_nabawy
Felix the Cat, the wonderful, wonderful cat has his own message board.
343 years 22 weeks ago
by zylon33
Popeye, our favorite cartoon sailor is back with his own spinach, heart healthy forum.
351 year 9 weeks ago
by mio amor
Superman, The Man of Steel has his own message board
123 years 30 weeks ago
by kybosh
LikeTelevision's Classic TV message boards are back. Please be respectful of others but don't be afraid to have an opinion.
The Musing of fans of Mayberry. Barney, Andy, Otis and Aunt Bee - they're all here.
243 years 14 weeks ago
by willy99
The Clampetts got themselves all high technology with a new message board. Even Jethro knows how to post.
Here's the message board for fans of Bonanza and all the young men at the Ponderosa.
482 years 26 weeks ago
by willy99
Joe Friday just got a message board. Behave yourself or you're busted.
253 years 31 weeks ago
by drmx
Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk, an amazing detective from San Francisco who solves cases by thinking outside of the box.
112 years 36 weeks ago
by Roohaz
The greatest Sci-fi show in the history of television. Before the twilight zone - there was John Newland and One Step Beyond.
7152 years 3 weeks ago
by pcnivling
Comments and Questions about The Office starring Steve Carill
232 years 37 weeks ago
by Boris
Your thoughts and comments about the Simpsons. Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa and all the gang from Springfield await your profound musings
261 year 14 weeks ago
by Adam.s
Ramar of the Jungle Forum.
3447 weeks 5 days ago
by Renee
The LikeTelevision message boards allow our users to write reviews, offer recommendations and share thier thoughts regarding movies on the site.
Oldies but Goodies. My Man Godfrey, Cyrano de Bergerac, Rififi, The Third Man and many more. Post review, make suggestions or other movie related contributions.
7121 year 7 weeks ago
by johnmerrick
A message board for all those lovely movie gems that have become cult classics.
9111 year 13 weeks ago
Here's a place to discuss and offer opinions on foreign films. From Eisenstein to Federico Fellini to Jean Renoir.
471 year 13 weeks ago
Martial Arts, Samurai Swords, Karate, Bruce Lee and Japanese classics
242 years 44 weeks ago
by andyh
The LikeTelevision TV Commercial Message Board was created for our users to share thoughts, ask questions or post interesting stories related to television advertising.
Some of the best in the black and white days of television. In addition to the classics - look for lots of fun non P.C. advertising.
452 years 40 weeks ago
by kevinjtbh
Some of the most ridiculous and sublime tv commercials for toys. The good old days, where boys got guns and were allowed to shoot.
253 years 22 weeks ago
by uberdude

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